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Our Process

Tea manufacture is the process of transformation of freshly plucked tea leaves.

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Tea Plucking

During spring and summer, tea growers treasure the fresh 'flush' of young leaves, the ideal pick for tea-making. They carefully select the two youngest leaves and the bud from each branch, creating a prized small pile of soft, fresh leaves to craft exquisite tea.


Heat the leaves by steaming them

Optimal steaming takes 1-2 minutes using a steamer. The bundles are steamed until they reach the perfect temperature, becoming pliable to handle—this tactile change signals they're ready for the next phase.


Retain tea leaves freshness

This process involves twisting the leaf and rupturing cell walls to release juices. Rolling machines, equipped with a deep jacket and pressure cap, apply force while the table's battens and central cone twist the leaf.


Keep the tea moisture-free

Drying enriches tea flavors and extends shelf life. Leaves undergo controlled firing or roasting at low temperatures, often in industrial ovens. Rapid drying can lead to a harsh, abrasive taste, highlighting the crucial role of precise temperature and time for a delicious tea.


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